Still stuck on what to buy for Christmas? Well, you haven’t got long now and the time for getting ideas is almost running out.

Not to worry! This is where we come in. We have plenty to offer at our three Cornish stores throughout the Christmas period and they don’t necessarily have to be anything small.

Here are three things you can get from our stories throughout the festive season.

1. A New Rug

Why not treat yourself to a brand new rug to put in front of your fire this Christmas? At Hardy Carpets, we offer wide range of colours, sizes and piles, giving you the options you need to help bring comfort and luxury to your home.

We have square rugs, round rugs, blue rugs, green rugs, rugs with thick piles and rugs that feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Come to one of our stores and see our range for yourself!

2. Vinyl Flooring

You might be thinking that, because it’s winter, vinyl flooring is the last thing you’d want to buy. It is notorious for being awful at adapting heat and the feel of it against your bare soles in the morning can be a nasty shock.

However, our vinyl flooring warms quickly and is beautifully hard-wearing as well as super easy to clean. A bit of vinyl never looked out of place in any home.

3. A Fancy Carpet

Like our rugs, our carpets come in a range of types, colours and we offer a measuring service to help you get the perfect size. Be sure you know you want a carpet before getting one, though, as you could be better off with a different kind of flooring.

On the other hand, our carpets are some of the best you’ll find in Cornwall. Take a look at where you can find out stores by looking at our contact page.