5 Ideas for Using Carpet Scraps

If you've purchased a brand-new carpet for your home and are finding you have lots of left over scraps, don’t throw them away! There are many fun and innovative uses for carpet scraps to help you around your home.


There is always a chance that your brand-new, freshly installed carpet will get a rip or stain. If you have any leftover carpet scraps, keep them to one side in case you need to make any repairs. You may need to call in a professional to patch up a rip or stain perfectly, but it will save a lot of money when compared to buying an entire new carpet!

Use in a Car

Have you ever thought of using scrap carpet in your car? There's no need to spend on generic car floor mats, simply lay down some carpet scraps instead! They will look more interesting, be a cheaper option and do exactly the same job! If you have enough spare, you could even create a custom piece across the entire floor of your car, perfect for keeping it mud-free and dry!

Make a Rug

Your new carpet needn't stop there, why not create a rug from the scraps you have for another room in your home? You could create something to use in a bedroom, to dry your feet as a shower mat or even as a large area rug to protect hardwood or vinyl flooring. The opportunities are endless and you can create something unique to your home.

Beds for your Pets

If you have recently purchased a soft, deep pile carpet and have left over scraps, they could be ideal for your pet's beds, particularly in a crate or kennel. Shredded carpet scraps can also work in hutches for smaller animals, too. You could also use it for house training your animals, though it won't last quite as long!

Protect Knees

Soft carpet scraps are ideal for protecting knees whilst doing housework or gardening. This tip requires little to no work, too, and all that is needed is to fold the carpet scraps over to create a cushion. You can use it whilst washing the floor, de-weeding, planting flowers, changing tyres and more; the possibilities are endless with this one.

Next time you have a new carpet laid down, don't throw away the leftovers and see how you could use them instead. If you have any unique and innovative ideas for carpet scraps, let us know over on our Facebook!

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