our Quick Guide to Buying Carpet Underlay

If you’re renovating your home and are interested in carpet as your flooring your choice, you’ll understand that underlay is a fundamental component. If you are replacing an old carpet, it is recommended to purchase new underlay to ensure you are providing insulation, noise reduction, softer underfoot and increased life expectancy.

Learn how to choose the carpet underlay that best suits your wants and needs with our quick guide.

Why do you need underlay?

Underlay is an important part of replacing your carpet or flooring. There are a number of benefits of carpet underlay including:

Noise reduction- Underlay helps to soundproof your flooring, which is vital if you’re hoping to install underlay upstairs.

Increase life expectancy- A good quality underlay will stop the pile in your new carpet from going flat prematurely, helping it to look new for longer. It will also take more footfall and last longer.

Softer underfoot- An underlay will make your carpet feel softer as it provides extra cushioning beneath your feet.

Added heat- A good underlay will help to reduce your bills as it will keep heat within your room. If this is of importance to you, why not invest in a thermal underlay?

Easy to clean- An underlay protects the carpets pile, making it easier to clean as dust particles are effortlessly removed.

What underlay should I choose?

There are a variety of different underlays to choose from, meaning there is something suited to every budget and all of which have their own benefits.

PU foam- PU foam is one of the most popular underlay choices due to the luxurious, soft feeling it gives underfoot. It is made from recycled furniture foam, so is environmentally friendly and can be recycled again after use. It is ideal in places where you want a soft underfoot feeling but where there will be less footfall, for example a bedroom.

Rubber- Rubber underlay is ideal for soundproofing and protection. There are two type of rubber underlay; waffle and flat. Waffle underlay is best for use in low traffic areas whilst flat rubber underlay can be used anywhere, so be sure you know what you’re buying!

Felt- A traditional choice in many homes, felt underlay has a high wool content which makes it soft, noise absorbent and great for keeping in the heat! It can be used in any area within the home, though it is not known to feel luxurious underfoot and pairs particularly well with stretched woven carpets.

There are multiple other underlay choices available including thermal varieties and those that pair well with inbuilt underfloor heating.

At Hardy Carpets, we know the importance of a good carpet underlay and would advise using great quality products to ensure you experience a soft, robust and easy-to-clean product. We have a great selection of foam carpet underlays that can ensure your home benefits from the additional comfort and warmth!

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Hardy Carpets team today by visiting one of our Cornwall showrooms or by getting in touch via our contact page.