What Carpet best suits my home?

Investing in a new carpet for your home is the ultimate treat. Though carpets require more maintenance when compared to vinyl or hardwood flooring, nothing is quite like a carpet in terms of sound absorption, warmth and comfort.

Carpets come in a huge variety of colours, materials and designs, so it can be difficult to choose a carpet that best suits your home. Some materials require more frequent cleaning, whereas others are hugely expensive or not luxurious enough. The wrong carpet choice could wear quickly, fade or show signs of stubborn stains. We've put together our top tips to help you choose a carpet that best suits your home.

Consider the Room

Before picking out your carpet of choice, consider what room you would like it to fill. A living room that is in constant use is likely to need a different kind of carpet when compared to the luxury master bedroom. A range of different kinds of carpet will be suitable if you are using it for a cosy, warm feeling or if you have young children in need of some protection!


Carpets come in a large variety of different materials including both natural and synthetic fibres. The most common material used for carpets are nylon fibres, which are often used due to being resistant to stains. Polyester fibres are also a popular choice as they are eco-friendly and made from recycled bottles, though become easily flattened underneath weighty objects like furniture. Wool is perhaps the most luxurious and durable carpet material available, though it does tend to come with a hefty price tag.


All carpets require maintenance, but for those who lead busy lifestyles, a carpet that is low maintenance would be the better choice. When buying, ask the carpet sales person what cleaning and maintenance is necessary for your carpet of choice, They will be able to let you know what products or equipment would be ideal.

You should make the relevant amount of research prior to investing in a new carpet for your home. At Hardy Carpets, we have a range of carpets available suited to multiple budgets and lifestyles. For more information, why not visit us at any one of our showrooms? Or alternatively, you can get in touch via our contact page.