What Flooring Should I Choose for Each Room?

To really bring your home together you need to pick the right flooring for every room. The right flooring can make any home feel like a comforting haven where you love to spend time.

The entrance to your home gives first impressions but remember that everyone will be entering and leaving in shoes. Carpet probably isn’t the best option, as it can get dirty easily. At Hardy Carpets, we would suggest a harder flooring. Ceramic tiles and LVT’s (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) would be the best choice as they’re easier to clean and look smarter as an entrance. These flooring options are also hardwearing, so would last a lot longer with all the traffic it experiences.

Carpet is usually associated with a more comfortable room in the house, which is why it is often a popular choice for living rooms or bedrooms; it’s a homelier and more inviting option. Although, hardwood and LVT are also a good choice for these rooms, and you could introduce a rug to the room for more comfort. If you have a family with young children, then wood or tiles are the better option for most rooms as marks and spills are easier to clean on these surfaces when compared to a carpet. Wood is a good choice for any busy household because the dirt will not get trapped easily like it would in a carpet. This can mean an all-round tidier home and much less hassle to clean if you have a busy lifestyle.

When it comes to a flooring for your kitchen, everyone knows carpet isn’t an option. It’s inevitable that you will spill a lot of things in a kitchen, no matter how hard you try! Your carpet would be ruined within a few days and money wasted. For your kitchen, Hardy Carpets would recommend sticking to ceramic tiles or LVT’s. Wood could work well too, but tiles might fit better for a kitchen. You’ll want to extend the flooring of your choice into the next room if it’s somewhere like the utility room or the dining room to create consistency and a floor that flows nicely throughout the house. Vinyl is another great kitchen choice as it is waterproof and will survive any spillages. However, vinyl cannot be repaired should it become damaged.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and depends on your personal preferences; some people love the cleanliness of a hardwood floor, but others think you simply can’t beat the feeling of a soft carpet. However, there are things to consider like pets, children and the time you have to clean.

At Hardy Carpets, we provide some fantastic flooring options for all rooms including carpets, rugs and vinyl laminates, not to mention underlay that can ensure your new flooring lasts longer!

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