Why the Right Bed is Paramount to a Good Night’s Sleep

Despite spending almost a third of our entire lives sleeping, many of us haven’t looked into purchasing the right bed or mattress. The right amount of sleep can help us to improve our memories, live longer and lose weight, so the pricings of mattresses and beds shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to a good night’s sleep. An old mattress can affect our sleep and our health, so it’s paramount we have the right one.

Eradicate Stress

A study surveyed in 2009 suggested that a new mattress would result in a decrease of stress. A group of 59 men and women were asked to sleep 28 nights on their usual mattress and then a further 28 nights on a new, medium-firm mattress. When asked to evaluate their stress levels based on certain factors, many of those involved said their sleep quality increased and pain decreased, which resulted in eradicated stress levels.

Comfort Levels

Did you know there is no standardised definition of what makes a mattress soft or firm? Mattress companies use terms like ultra-plush to sound appealing, though it’s exactly just that. There’s little evidence to prove whether a firm or soft mattress is better for your sleep- in fact it’s all down to personal preference and comfort levels. It’s advised to spend some time on the mattress, around 20 minutes if possible, before making a purchase. The right comfort levels can ensure once you fall asleep, it won’t be affected until morning.


If you sleep in the same bed as your partner and are struggling to sleep, your current bed may be too small for your sleeping patterns. If you have a larger bedroom, consider investing in a king or super king size bed. If you want even more room and comfort all to yourself, you could opt for an Emperor bed, though prepare for difficulty when buying sheets and duvets! Some sleepers simply need more room to feel comfortable throughout the night, so if you’re one of them, consider upgrading your bedroom space!

Ultimately, the right bed is down to personal preference, though choosing the perfect bed is paramount to a good night’s sleep for several reasons. Here at Hardy Carpets, we are Cornwall’s premier supplier of Dura Beds. Dura Beds are an innovative UK bed company who design and manufacture a range of stylish and luxurious beds at competitive prices.

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