Why should you choose moduleo flooring?

If you're looking for the perfect new flooring in your home, you should consider Moduleo. You can achieve the natural look of wood or stone flooring with the added benefits of using luxury vinyl instead.

With Moduleo, stunning wood and stone effects are recreated across the laminate with a unique depth of colour. Moduleo includes multiple collections, including an embossed texture which allows grains, grooves and knots to be seen and felt, just as they would in real wood.

Moduleo flooring is also extremely easy to clean and requires low maintenance in general. All that is needed is to simply mop or sweep the floor to keep it looking brand new! This luxury vinyl laminate flooring is also sound and heat insulated, cost effective and provides comfort.

The Benefits

- Moisture resistant
- Scratch and scuff resistant
- Slip resistant
- Easy to clean and maintain
- Sound and heat insulated
- Easy to install
- 20-year guarantee
- Environmentally friendly

When purchasing Moduleo flooring, you should always visit an approved supplier. This will ensure you are guaranteed to the highest levels and service at all times. You will be supplied with the necessary advice and after care when using an approved supplier to ensure your new Moduleo flooring lives up to expectations.

Using one of Moduleo's approved retailers has a range of benefits, including:

- Fully trained staff
- Installation support and advice
- Sample ordering
- Access to maintenance products
- After care services
- Technical support and product knowledge

Hardy Carpets are Cornwall's leading supplier of Moduleo flooring. We have in-house Moduleo experts who will help to bring your ideas to life. If you're interested in fitting Moduleo flooring in your home, get in touch with the Hardy Carpets team via our contact page.